We will no longer entertain inquiries from tagalog speaking filipinos in the central Luzon area (or Mindanao).
Please consider contacting a filipino pool builder.
Any foreigner Expats who think they can acquire a quality built pool from a filipino,,
Please do NOT Contact Us.. (and good luck)
A more detailed account regarding the above can be found at "This Link"
FYI: We do not need the money. I have reached retirement age and have started my American retirement pension.
I love my swimming pool profession and enjoy helping other Expats.
We do Not offer free quotes, inspections or consultations.
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Swimming Pool Construction & Repair Serving:
Zambales, La Union and northern Luzon

We are Proud to build "First World" type Swimming Pools...
American Quality, Foreigner Supervised

It is easier to build a "Energy Efficient" trouble free swimming pool right the first time
Than to repair another pool builder's mistakes.
...We Do Both...

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We Specialize In Swimming Pool Filtration Systems

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"Energy Efficient" "Trouble Free" Swimming Pool Construction, Repair and Equipment Up-Grades.
From Residential "FAMILY", Commercial, Resort To Theme Park Swimming Pools.

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Even The Provence Can Be A Beautiful Place
With Your Own "Energy Efficient" Trouble Free Pool...